Schick Hydro Silk 2016 Relaunch Program

Schick Hydro Silk is Edgewell Personal Care's (previously Energizer Personal Care) leading women's razor product. From its first launch in 2010, Hydro Silk now has three main razors: Hydro Silk Base, Hydro Silk Trimstyle (with a trimmer head) and Hydro Silk Disposables.  

The objective of the Hydro Silk Relaunch Program is to promote the three redesigned packaging look displays and to create a special pack with a bonus Skintimate shave prep. The new 'snow white' packaging has a clean, simple and modern look with white as its main colour face and three different colour coding of each products (base, trimstyle and disposables). With this in mind, I created several design options using mainly their primary colours (Purple, Blue and Bluish Purple). 

At the end, the client followed my recommendation to use their 3 primary colours as their Bonus packaging colours and a simpler design version for the display.